$ 2,258.95 $ 2,509.95
Part# HLY-550-200


These Holley Avenger EFI engine management systems are intended for users who want a bolt-on-and-go EFI system without the need for a laptop computer. The secret is the innovative Avenger EFI hand-held controller and the breakthrough technology of our self-tuning fueling strategies. The compact, easy-to-use controller guides you through the simple setup wizard, where you answer a few key questions about your engine setup. Once that basic information is loaded, you fire up the engine, run it through various rpm stages, and drive it to tuning perfection. The self-learning strategy will automatically tune your engine as you drive to deliver the optimum air/fuel ratios for performance and mileage.

    550-200 Avenger EFI Engine Management System, Speed Density, 2 Barrel, 670 cfm, up to 275 hp, Kit. Replace your two barrel carburetor with a “Bolt on and Go” TBI system! Avenger™ EFI throttle body kit is a replacement for a carburetor. Plug and play connectors make installation a snap and the Avenger's Self-tuning capabilities will have you up and
    running in no time.
    Redline Motorsports Comments:
    This a great kit if you are looking to upgrade your industrial engine to EFI. We have seen this kit work great on lift truck, concrete cutter and all types of industrial engines

    Includes all installation components:

    including wiring harness, sensors, in-line pump,  Adapter for Spread Bore To 2bbl TBI  and adapter for Square Bore To 2bbl TBI  

    Does not include:

     P/N 558-304 HEI distributor ignition adapter harness or  P/N 554-305 TFI distributor ignition adapter harness (Which is required for computer controlled timing with small cap HEI distributor or Ford HO TFI distributor.)
    Return fuel line to fuel tank.
    P/N 17-47 adapter for Holley 2300/Motorcraft 2bbl flange