Holley 6.86 Cluster Housing (87-93)

Redline Motorsports inc.

$ 150.00 
Part# 87-93 H6.86

A Replacement Instrument Cluster housing for the 1987-1993 Mustang when using the Holley 6.86 Pro-Dash unit 

  • The listing is for just the cluster housing. The Holley 6.86 unit is not included. 
  • This is a do it yourself product, installation. 
  • General installation instructions are included. 
  • This unit fits in the original instrument cluster location. 
  • No modifications to the Factory Ford bezel are needed. 
  • The housing is a black ABS plastic material with a light textured finish.
  • It is easily drilled, cut and modified, if custom modifications are needed. 
  • The four mounting holes on the Holley unit are used to secure it to the cluster housing.