Redline Motorsports inc.

$ 1,008.90 

Do you need better control of your ignition system? Would your engine benefit from Individual Cylinder Timing Control? Are you you having spark issues because of your Stock Coils? Are you wanting to convert your turbocharged, supercharged or nitrous vehicle to Coil-Near-Plug?  Here is what you have been looking for Redline Motorsports new efi coil-near-plug Kit containing everything to convert your ignition system to Coil-Near-Plug.
  • If you are upgrading a non coil-near-plug main harness it requires the use of  Holley Universal Coil-On-Plug Harness, P/N 558-307 to complete the installation!
  • This kit contains Holley's 558-312 harness and 8 Redline Motorsports  Smart Coils, 3 ft. of wiring loom for a clean installation!
  • Sub Harness features Fully Terminated Coil Connectors, a 7 Pin Metripak Connector used on several Holley EFI C-N-P Main Harnesses, and 3 loose wires for a quick installation!