Ultra Dominator Brushless Fuel Pump w/Controller-Dual 10AN Inlet


$ 2,587.95 $ 2,876.00
Part# HLY-12-3000-2

  • Capable of 130 PSI while providing significant flow (full high speed)
  • Compatible with gasoline, methanol, and E-85* (Compatible for methanol and E85 for competitive drag race use only- when draining and flushing after each race event)
  • Billet aluminum construction for durability and good looks
  • Features a dual 10 AN O-ring inlet and a single 10 AN O-ring outlet
  • High flow and high pressure with low amperage draw
  • Can be fully submerged in the fuel cell or chassis mounted
  • Ultra Dominator twin pump design allows both pumps to operate simultaneously or for one pump to be off or run at low speed while the second pump is at low speed or full speed
  • Maximum amp draw of 38 AMPS for the Ultra Dominator
  • Holley also offers a complete line of fuel filters and fuel pressure regulators that are designed to work as a system with these pumps

Holley set the bar in 2011 with the release of the HP and Dominator in-line fuel pumps. In 2015, Holley has annihilated the bar with the introduction of the Ultra HP and Dominator Brushless in-line fuel pumps. Featuring brushless pump technology and a twin screw rotor design, the Ultra HP and Dominator in-line fuel pumps are capable of high pressures and flows while maintaining a low amperage draw and quiet performance. Designed to work on high boosted race cars as well as your daily driven Drag Week car, these pumps work with gasoline, methanol, and E-85* and can maintain pressures of 130 PSI and up to 323 GPH flow**.

The pumps include a 2 step controller for pump speed control. The pumps can be ran in one of two different speeds. A low speed control for low fuel consumption requirements or at full speed for high fuel consumption requirements. The Ultra Dominator includes (2) controllers for precise control of both pumps independently of each other. Both the Ultra HP and Ultra Dominator pumps are proven for 18.5V compatibility. **At 13.8V

*Compatible for methanol and E85 for competitive drag race use only- when draining and flushing after each race event

These pumps do not have an internal bypass. A bypass style regulator and return line are required.

Proper fuel system engineering is critical for maximum performance.

This pump is not designed to use a standard conical seat style union in the inlet or outlet of the pump. Example: Part # AT981510ERL. Use of this style fitting will block flow and WILL lead to poor performance and pump failure. The ONLY correct fitting to use is a contoured port fitting with an O-ring seal such as :Part # AT985010ERL.