Redline Mod Mount for Crank OR Cam Sensors on 4.6/5.4 Fords (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY)

Redline Motorsports Inc.

$ 70.00 $ 72.22


REDLINE MOTORSPORTS inc has released a new product for the Ford 96-04 4.6/5.4L modular engines when using the Holley EFI for engine control. The Redline Mod Mount allows the user to upgrade to the Holley Hall Effect sensor #554-124 in the factory cam and crank sensor location on the 96-04 Modular engines. The Redline Mod Mount will also give you the ability to adjust the air gap on both the cam and crank sensor, which will result in a more precise and stronger crank/cam signal. Redline Mod Mounts priced individually. You must purchase two (2) of the adapters if you want to do cam and crank. The HE Sensor 554-124(shown in photo) sold separately.

Instructions for RED-MMCSA